Kitchen Tools As Magickal Implements


Patricia Telesco suggests that we use our common kitchen utensils as symbols in performing kitchen magick. For example, the serving spoon, when blessed and charged for kinship, becomes a good choice for meting out the portions of a magickal dish. The mixing spoon might be used in place of a wand to stir the energy of a circle into proper balance. Straining spoons can be hung around the perimeter of a sacred space (including around the home) to filter out negative influences, and finally, a decorated spoon can become the token of the chosen hearth goddess.

Here are some suggestions for the symbolism of other cooking utensils and kitchen objects. This list is simply a starting point to which you could add hundreds of other items just by looking around your kitchen with an imaginative, magickal eye.

BLENDER: Mingling with others, stirring up energy, harmony, coherence

COFFEE POT: Stamina, potency, energy

COOKBOOK: Book of Shadows, excellence, virtue

COOKIE TIN: Sweet things in life, pleasure

CRISPER: Invigoration and restoration

CROCKPOT: Fire element, slow change, harmonious mingling of different elements or people

CUPBOARDS: Savings, supplies, providence

DISH TOWEL: Stricture, determined precision

DISHWASHER: Leisure, the water element, convenience

DRAIN: Troubles, burdens, bad habits

DRAWERS: Hidden matters, material goods

FOOD PROCESSOR: Water/fire elements, change of state, conforming to a situation

FOOD WRAP: Prudence, conservation, control, secrets

FORK: Piercing, penetrating, perception

FUNNEL: Flow, unhindered order, coaxing energy along

KNIFE: Cutting away, sharpness of mind, separation

MEASURING CUP: Evaluation, allotment, caution

MICROWAVE: Acceleration, legal expedition

OVEN: Passion, Fertility, fire element

OVEN BURNERS: The four directions/elements

OVEN FAN: The air element, movement, clearing vision

PITCHER: Abundance, invigoration, refreshment

REFRIGERATOR: Cooling temper, preservation, protection

ROLLING PIN: Discipline, moderation, control

SIFTER: Sorting out confusion, organization, filtering negativity

SPATULA: Sensibility, recycling, changing directions

STEAMER: Slow processes, even temperament

TEA KETTLE: Divination, alertness, kinship, health

THERMOMETER: Observational skills, analysis

TRASH CAN: Earth element, waste, prudence, keeping yourself free of psychic clutter

WHISK: Excitement, increasing bounty

WINDOW: Winds of change, refreshment, vital energy


If a choice is available, decide among different tools according to your magickal goals. If you have the option of either a whisk or a fork for mixing, the decision can reflect the meaning of the creation itself. Whisks are more for energy and prosperity while the fork is for penetrating hidden matters. Consider everything in your kitchen as having the potential to help your magickal efforts progress smoothly along their intended path.


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